Last week, the co-owner of Lululemon, Chip Wilson, made some controversial statements about the type of women who cannot wear the popular yoga pants. The statement enraged thousands of women around the world. Someone even started a petition that has been circulating online, demanding that Chip Wilson stop shaming women’s bodies. It currently has over 1000 signatures.

In response, Wilson released the video below and states, “I’m really sad…I’m sad for the people of Lululemon who I care so much about that have really had to face the brunt of my actions… I’m sorry to have put you all through this.” We get that he is really sad for the employees who had to deal with the repercussions of his actions and he’s sorry that he put them through all this drama, but we don’t really get the feeling he’s actually apologizing to the people he has offended, but that’s just our opinion.

Watch the video for yourself. What do you think of the apology?


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