Pink Tartan review

This season, Pink Tartan opened with a short film. A beautiful young woman drives down a street; blonde hair in a bob and a look of vengeance on in her eyes. As she makes her way out of the car and to the front door of her destination, the camera pans down, only to show that she has arrived with a baseball bat in hand… and then out came the fembots!

Inspired by Constance Langdon and Marnie Edgar, models in blonde bob wigs and dark eyebrows made their way down the runway in 60s influenced attire. Fur collars and long leather gloves accompanied many of the cobalt, fuschia, purple and green looks. A few of my favorite outfits include a neoprene/mesh baseball shirt and the floral and metallic pencil skirt suits. Pink Tartan was one of the most anticipated shows of the night and they did not disappoint. Head designer, Kimberly Newport- Mimran, proved to the audience that blondes have more fun, especially those with a little mystery in their eyes.


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