Starting today (April 15th 2015) if you head over to, you’ll find a beautifully curated collection of vintage, impossible to find, hand made pieces locally sourced from the south of France.


Inspiration for Place Nationale comes from the South of France


The capsule collection sees Club Monaco teaming up with Place Nationale – A brand created by a wife and husband team that lives and works in the south of France sourcing the best materials and the best products from flea markets and tucked away smaller markets.


The Husband and Wife team behind Place Nationale


Together the two brands come together to create a collection of summer styled clothing made of vintage fabrics sourced from the fabulous markets that Place Nationale considers second homes.


Each piece of Place Nationale is assembled from vintage materials – antique French cotton, 70’s tablecloths and English lace trim – and then hand-sewn. The Club Monaco collection features more than 500 handcrafted, vintage dresses, tunics, blouses, skirts (images attached here). No two pieces are the same and pricing ranges from $229 – $369.

This is a big deal, because until now Place Nationale was pretty much only available in London’s Portobello Market. Now it can be yours if you head over to the Club Monaco website.

Take a look at some of the pieces below!

2015.3.10&11-Club Monaco-14767 2015.3.10&11-Club Monaco-14789 2015.3.10&11-Club Monaco-14813

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