As we have recently started to showcase great places to eat in Toronto, we thought it was simply unfair that we were leaving out our brothers to the west in Sauga. Well my Mississauga brethren, you’re in luck!
Check out our list of great places to eat for cheap in your fair city!

(List appears in no particular order, just good places to eat cheap)

1. Pho Big Bowl
2655 Liruma Rd Mississauga, ON (905)855-8289

Although this place is supposedly packed every day at lunch, we still think it’s a great place to grab a bowl of pho for under $5.
The service is great, and the food always comes out piping hot. Who doesn’t love a good bowl of soup.

2. The Hot Dog stand at the Winston Churchill/ Dundas Canadian Tire.

Hey, a hot dog stand isn’t a restaurant…. You would be right my friend, but this post is about cheap eats, and Jimmy the Hot Dog Guy throws down some seriously delicious street meat. If you’ve ever been to this Canadian tire you might be aware of the long line-ups at the Hot Dog cart. According to locals the key to Jimmy’s success is that he gives you a sausage and half leaving your big bun completely filled unlike those downtown hot dog swindlers.  Yelp states that this hot dog stand is the best deal in the city. $2 Hot Dogs and $3 Sausages. Enough said.

3. The Hot Table at Oceans, T&T
4557 Hurontario Street
Mississauga, ON L4Z 3X3
(905) 568-8988

We get it, supermarkets aren’t’ the most comfortable place to eat, but once you hit up Ocean’s Hot table, you’ll be making the supermarket your number one eating out destination.  Once you arrive at T&T go directly to Ocean’s hot table where you can find the insanely cheap, delicious and filling Chinese food. Although the food is good, the price is better, you can often get up to two meals for $5. If you’re like us, and you air on the side of being cheap, we suggest hitting up the Hot Table after 7 where you can get most of the prepared food at up to 50% off…. YUM

4. Leela’s Roti and Doubles
900 Rathburn Road W Unit 1 & 2
Mississauga, ON L5C 4L3
(905) 232-9070

Have you ever had a Double? They are freaking delicious and we suggest you go out and do it today!  If you’ve never head of a double, it’s basically a chick pea bread, with chick pea curry inside like a mini sandwich.
Most places like Leela’s sell them for around $1.50 so it’s a great snack for the hungry traveller. Last time we checked, Leela’s had a screaming deal called “recession Tuesdays” Where you can get rice with chicken for $3.00 – Preach! 

We are for sure missing bunch, so if you have suggestions – leave them in the comments below and we will amend our list!


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