If you’re one of the girls that covets Spencer, Hanna, Aria or Emily’s outfits on Pretty Little Liars then you’re in luck! A couple of days ago, Aeropostale announced their partnership with Warner Bros and Pretty Little Liars’ costume designer, Mandi Line, for an exclusive Pretty Little Liars collection.

pretty-little-liars-aeropostale-aria pretty-little-liars-emily-aeropostale 
The collection is currently on sale online and is made up of four different outfits to represent the distinctive styles and personalities of the show’s lead characters. The collection will even appear in the actual show so that fans can get real life inspiration on how to outfit each of the pieces.

pretty-little-liars-spencer-aeropostale pretty-little-liars-hanna 
Many of the pieces from the collection have already gone on sale and start as low as $18 for a striped crop top worthy of Aria’s closet and go up to $71.70 for an Emily-esque varsity jacket. Shop it right now and you’ll also get a free ‘Liars Unite’ tee with any Pretty Little Liars collection purchase.

Source: The Examiner

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