Popular California-based clothing label Publish Brand has just unveiled their first full collection for women. Dubbed Publish Brand HERS, the collection is ready to hit Toronto stores this spring.

Gender-bending style movements are currently extremely popular and Publish Brand has captured the movement perfectly, creating fun and exciting clothing that doesn’t necessarily conform to any norms or standards. The new collection released this month titled “The Daydreamer” brings athleisure and androgyny to new heights.

Originally only releasing a jogger pant for women, Publish noticed the immense success of the original release and decided to roll our Publish Brand HERS to cater a full offering of tops, button-downs and pants for style-centric sporty women.  Publish Brand HERS offers a fabulous range of smart casual pieces that are playful with a hint of sport. The new collection seeks to empower women to be different “in a world where trends push the world to dress alike” .

The collection is now available in Toronto at GotStyle and Due West on Queen Street West. Check out the Lookbook and some of the collection below:

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