As you all know we love PUMA, and have been strong advocates for it’s renaissance.

5-10 years ago, there was an air around PUMA, if you disagree that’s fine, but it’s true.
It was lumped in with the Jersey Shore type, and was forever snubbed by the fashion crowd.

No more.

If you’re not taking a closer look at Puma you are really missing out on their innovation and strive to become a lifestyle powerhouse. Partnering with great design minds has helped Puma catapult itself back into relevancy.

Take a look at the Puma by Miharaysuhiro collection. It’s modern, there are surprising details on every piece, it’s fashion forward and fun.

With designers like Jeremy Scott melting the line between high fashion and sportswear, Miharayshuira takes the same approach and makes it wearable.

Anyways, we are digging it,

let us know what you think!


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