You’ve been waiting all year long and it’s finally here… The PUMA Warehouse Sale opens at the International Centre this Friday! Recently we’ve been getting a lot of requests to bring our sales to different cities across North America and we hear you – we want to see you and we want you to reap the benefits of our renowned warehouse sales, but unfortunately we can’t hit up every major city (yet)! That’s why we decided to bring our warehouse sale somewhere everyone can shop them… Online! On Thursday, October 9th, 2014 we will be launching our very first Online Warehouse Sale. We’re kicking it off with a curated selection of clothing, accessories and footwear for men and women from our PUMA Warehouse Sale and the sale opens at 12:00pm EST. So whether you’re outside of the GTA, can’t get your head around these tips for shopping a warehouse sale or don’t want your family to get angry at you for skipping Thanksgiving celebrations to go shopping…

Here are 10 reasons to shop the StyleDemocracy Online Warehouse Sale:

1. You’ll have something fun to do at work

A happy worker = a happy office


2. You won’t get slowed down by your shopping partner

Sometimes they can be a real drag…


3. And you don’t need anyone slowing you down

Not your boyfriend, sister, father, mother, son, daughter – no one.


3. You hate big crowds

Sometimes you just need a little personal space.


Who doesn’t love a good sale? #nike #nikewarehousesale #toronto @styledemocracy

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4. And you can avoid hostile situations like this…

They’re rare, but sometimes you run into some who really, really wants the shoes your holding.



5. And this…

We don’t see it often, but some warehouse sale shoppers can get aggressive.



6. You hate getting out of bed

Shop from the comfort of your own home… In bed… Naked.

online warehouse sale

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7. You hate waiting in lines

We try our best, but sometimes they’re inevitable



Anybody who knows me knows I am not about this line life. This better be worth it. #nikewarehousesale View on Instagram

8. You don’t like carrying heavy bags to your car

Shopping isn’t a weightlifting competition – Get everything delivered straight to your front door!


9. You can eat and shop at the same time

No need to leave food & drink outside when you’re shopping at home!


10. You don’t want your family to know you’re shopping…

Because you’re suppose to be hanging out with them at Thanksgiving dinner.


For more details PLUS an additional 10% off the Online PUMA Warehouse Sale here.

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