Canadian streetwear stalwarts Reining Champ has just unveiled an official look of their first flagship storefront. Located in beautiful urban Vancouver, the shop is designed by award winning architects and draws upon the culturally rich neighbourhood of Kitsilano. A beautifully clean aesthetic bring Reigning Champ’s immaculate basic clothing to life. If you’re in the Vancouver area you chan check out Reigning Champ at 2119 West 4th Avenue. reigning-champ-flagship-store-09 reigning-champ-flagship-store-08 reigning-champ-flagship-store-07 reigning-champ-flagship-store-06 reigning-champ-flagship-store-05 reigning-champ-flagship-store-04 reigning-champ-flagship-store-03 reigning-champ-flagship-store-02 Reigning Champ Store - Peter Cardew Architect




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