Whether you’re relationship or are looking for one, knowing what types of women that are generally accepted as ones you should AVOID is a good idea. Below is our list of the top 3 types of women that men should avoid but of course nothing is mandatory:

1) The Clingy type:Clingy Woman This type of woman will show exorbitant amounts of love and affection while trying to spend every living moment with you be it through being together, phone, text or any other form of communication. In addition to this, this type of woman will also be very over-protective and wonder where you are, who you are with and what you are doing. This probably wouldn’t bother most people for a little while, but, if you are looking for a serious relationship a clingy woman will get irritating and annoying fast.

2) Gold Digger: this type of girl may look stunning and be sweet, but, they will also destroy your credit card. Make sure that the girl you are with enjoys being with you and not your money. True colours will surface when they expect you to pay for everything from credit card bills to cars.

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Laura Bilotta is a dating coach, matchmaker and the co-founder of successful dating websiteSingleinthecity.ca. Laura established Single in the City in 2002. Since its early beginnings twelve years ago, Laura’s efforts and expertise have allowed Single in the City to become one of the largest event based dating companies in the Greater Toronto Area. 

Laura’s expert knowledge of dating etiquette, relationships, and human behaviour form the base of her experience. She has hosted over one-thousand speed dating/mixer events, coached more than one-hundred men and women into dating gurus, and she has proudly played matchmaker for countless love-seeking singles.

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