If you are anywhere between the ages of 25 – 35 you have definitely begun to put in some thought into your future living arrangements. Do you want to own a house? Do you want to rent continuously? With the housing market in Toronto reaching record sales number it’s becoming increasingly difficult for young Torontonians to break into the housing market.

What if you rejected the house ideology and decided to rent instead. For years and generations before us, the common thought was that buying is always the way to go and when you rent you are “throwing your money away”.

We found a great video by Preet Banerjee who highlights the fact that if you are disciplined with your finances, renting can make a perfectly good lifestyle choice in the short term without putting you behind financially. If you are extremely financially disciplined renting can even make sense in the long run.

Check out this video and know that if you choose to rent, you aren’t making a bad choice… You just have to┬ábe smart about it.



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