There are certain times of the year when it’s completely appropriate for retailers to promote special deals and sales in conjunction with holidays and special occasions. Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Father’s Day and Mother’s Day are all occasions that were basically designed to help retailers move product and make profit, but are there holidays that should remain sacred? Is it possible for a retailer to take their promotions too far?

The Gap recently made a public apology after Toronto veteran, Cpl. Chuck Krangle, received an email promotion for a “Remembrance Day Deal”. The promotion being offered was for a $19.99 vest. Krangle’s sister, who originally received the email “was very concerned with the subject line and the intent behind it, which was kind of, let’s profit on Remembrance Day, let’s have a big sale because it’s Remembrance Day, so that was quite upsetting,” Krangle told CBC news, “the point is not to exploit and profit from this day.”

Remembrance Day (or Veteran’s Day) wasn’t always a holiday that retailers took advantage of, but today there seem to be a large number of them promoting specials and sales including retailers like Crocs, Kenneth Cole, Macy’s and more. For most people, Remembrance Day is the day to remember the fallen soldiers and veterans that fought for our freedom, not a day to go shopping and save on apparel. Poppy sales broke records and emotions are running especially high this year, so the promotions seem a bit insensitive. Remembrance Day is one day we believe should not be exploited for profit. Please remember to take a moment of silence for Canada’s Forces and the memory of those who have protected the country in the past.

Is it wrong when retailers exploit Remembrance Day for profit? Comment below.

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