The New Balance Warehouse Sale + The Toronto Golf Sale featuring TOM TAILOR clothing is right around the corner, and to get you excited here’s a small preview of some of the footwear available at the sale.

The New Balance Warehouse sale is one of our favourite sales of the year and will feature a huge selection of shoes for men and women. Please note this is just a small selection of what’s available. There are many different styles and colours (every shoe shown here comes in at least one other colour/fabric) so if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for please come by and check it out for yourself!

New Balance Women’s Shoes

New_Balance_Warehouse_Sale 18 New_Balance_Warehouse_Sale 19 New_Balance_Warehouse_Sale 21 New_Balance_Warehouse_Sale 22 New_Balance_Warehouse_Sale 23


New_Balance_Warehouse_Sale 1 New_Balance_Warehouse_Sale 2 New_Balance_Warehouse_Sale 3

New_Balance_Warehouse_Sale 13

New Balance Men’s Shoes

New_Balance_Warehouse_Sale 20 New_Balance_Warehouse_Sale 17 New_Balance_Warehouse_Sale 15 New_Balance_Warehouse_Sale 14  New_Balance_Warehouse_Sale 12 New_Balance_Warehouse_Sale 11 New_Balance_Warehouse_Sale 10

The Toronto Golf Sale is also back and will be housed in the same hall as the New Balance Warehouse sale. The sale will feature clothing, equipment and accessories for men and women. Here is a small sampling of Golf Shoes for men and women.

Men’s Golf Shoes

New_Balance_Warehouse_Sale 4 New_Balance_Warehouse_Sale 5 New_Balance_Warehouse_Sale 6 New_Balance_Warehouse_Sale 9

Women’s Golf Shoes

New_Balance_Warehouse_Sale 7 New_Balance_Warehouse_Sale 8

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