Earlier today, we reported that Target would be furthering discounts at all of their Canadian locations. We decided to get our #SaleSpy on and find out if it’s actually worth your time to check out! When Target Canada originally started their liquidation sale, many were disappointed by the lack of discounts at the sale, which were ranged between 10% and 30% off.

Today, Target increased the discounts to 20-40% off. As you’ll see in the images below, most items – including toys, clothing, toiletries & footwear – are 20% off. Cosmetics are 30% off, but the beauty aisles are beginning to look sparse. If you’re looking for swimwear, there are full size ranges and great styles available right now! Prices for swimwear average at around $17.50 regular price per piece. Laptops and tablets are 10% off, while TVs are also 20% off. If you’re looking for housewares most furniture is 20% off, while lamps and rugs are 30% off, which is a pretty good deal to us! Rugs top at $130 for their original price and they’ve still got multiple sizes and styles. With home items, we say it’s better to grab them quick because many of the good home products we saw at the beginning of the sale have cleared out.

We saw very few items that were actually 40% off, but the items that were include party supplies, blinds and greeting cards. A lot of the shelves were empty, especially in the food aisles, but we did see staff stocking shelves with new Easter products such as chocolates, treats and decorations for 20% off.

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What do you think about the new markdowns at the Target Liquidation? Worth it or no?

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