The legendary Canadian hat maker and travel clothing retailer Tilley Endurables is up for sale. You don’t know Tilley? Yes you do… it’s the apparel company that has been keeping the elderly, the fashionably unaware, and the sun adversed in beige hats, beige shorts and long white socks for almost 30 years. According to the Toronto Star, the company isn’t going up for sale because it’s having poor performance. The owner and founder of Tilley Endurables has simple stated that, “I am 77 and it’s time”.

While everyone eventually needs to call it quits, industry insiders are speculating that the loss of Mr. Tilley could be the company’s demise. The company is looking for the “right” person to take over, and wants to keep production of Tilley Endurables in Canada. Both stipulations could cause problems in the eventual sale of Tilley.

Regardless of the future of Tilley, it’s important to take a second and note that another great Canadian brand now has it’s back against the ropes.

Source: The Toronto Star

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