Being a fashion blogger, you get to meet a lot of different people in the industry. Passionate ones, innovative ones, people that are doing things you wish you could or that you never thought of. People that make you think, and people that inspire you.

All of these and more make the reasons why I love doing what I do.  If you’ve been keeping up with the blog I’ve been on a pursuit of cool Toronto fashion start ups, taking meetings, snapping pics and trying to show you how much talent there is right in our own backyard.

Last week I had the pleasure of getting an invitation to the Gouldscttock Standard Supply (GLDSTK) studio to sit down with designer/owner Josh Scott and get the scoop on the GLDSTK brand and life as an up and coming designer .

GLDSTK is a Toronto based fashion company that makes trendy and classic menswear pieces in Canada.  GLDSTK Originally garnered attention for a  pair of Tiger Camouflage printed pants and has kept the ball rolling with additions including: jackets, hats, pants, sweaters and some accessories. Josh’s clothing in my opinion is a perfect blend of what’s popular now and what will be popular forever.  GLDSTK has the camo pieces which are in the trend column, but you also get classic crew neck sweaters, and timeless chinos.

Each and everyone of his pieces are made in Canada, and you can tell. The quality is there, and the designs have a northern influence to them. Think clothing that a stylish urban guy (who works in a relaxed office) could wear out to a bar on Ossington on Thursday, hit up the office with on Friday, and then head up North with on Saturday all without looking out of place at any of the venues.

Keeping everything made in Canada isn’t easy though. While talking to Josh it seemed that this was his biggest internal conflict, and a conflict many Canadian designers are faced with. Does one keep making product in Canada? It’s difficult, more expensive and isn’t necessarily going to attract more customers. By keeping it made in Canada, you can keep the people that already buy your clothes, but reaching new markets and expansion is a costly difficulty.

Regardless of the challenges, Josh is optimistic and passionate about the future of GLDSTK and just wants to continue to make great clothing that he’s proud about.

“I just want to be able to support my family and make quality clothes that I feel good about, that I will be wearing 10 years from now. I want to be 50 years old  and have  my kids wearing it.  I would love to be 50 years old and roll up to a thrift store and see my product on one of the racks… [I want to make] something that has longevity and lasts.”

You can purchase GLDSTK at Adrift and online at  the GLDSTK ONLINE shop.


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