A few months ago, we reported that the popular jacket maker, Canada Goose, had launched a trademark infringement lawsuit against Sears, accusing them of selling knock-off Canada Goose “Kensington” parkas. A couple of days ago, Sears filed a statement of defence in the Federal Court accusing Canada Goose’s accusations a ‘campaign of intimidation’.

“Canada Goose is simply attempting to bully Sears and others through demands, unfounded litigation, statements in the press and the like, into ceasing activities that Canada Goose knows do not cause confusion or any harm to it,” Sears alleges. “The real purpose of Canada Goose’s campaign of intimidation is to attempt to prevent or lessen sales in the marketplace of less expensive winter jackets…to preserve its temporary ability to sell its garments at a huge mark up to the public.”

One large reason Canada Goose has launched a lawsuit is against the Canadian department store is due to their circular  Alpinetek® logo, which Canada Goose claims misleads consumers into believe they’re buying a ‘lower-end’ Canada Goose. Currently, Canada Goose has no exclusive rights to a circular logo positioned on the upper sleeve of a winter jacket and Sears’ has held a trademark for the Alpinetek® logo since 1998.

So far, both parties allegations have not been proven in court, but we will keep you updated!


Source: Yahoo News 

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