Last week, the StyleDemcoracy team had the opportunity to check out the Drake General Store. As self proclaimed home decor enthusiasts, we were super stoked to check out all the goodies housed at the Drake.

If you’ve never head of the Drake General Store, it was co-founded in 2008 by Jeff Stober, Carlo Calacci  and Joyce Lo.

Currently the Drake General store has three locations in Toronto and an outpost location in Ottawa.  The store caters to the eclectic individual who loves interesting home items with a ode to Canadiana.

Think of a traditional hotel gift shop ( The Drake General Store originates from the famous Drake Hotel in downtown Toronto) mixed with a throwback general store with a flea market and museum shop all rolled into one.

This is the place to get your hands on whimsical nostalgic items that give your space a lovely touch.

What’s truly great about the Drake General Store is how proudly Canadian they are. Most of the products, from housewares to apparel are curated with a local canadian shopper in mind.

The Drake General Store is just one of those shops that you have to check out for yourself. It’s a perfect place to find that missing item that will bring your entire living space together. It’s a place to get your hands on locally designed clothing, and it’s a place to get your Canadiana fix.

We love The Drake General Store so much that we are offering our readers a chance to shop a DISCOUNTED curated selection of the Drake General Store’s best goods.



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