If you’re singing in the rain, it’s probably because you’ve just picked up something from Toronto’s only rainwear boutique, Raindrops. Located in the Holt Renfrew Centre, Raindrops is an independent shop owned by the mother-daughter duo, Natalie and Bobi Jurcic. “When I was a kid we used to be involved in wholesale, so we sold all sorts of things. One of the things we started narrowing down our field to was umbrellas and around the mid 90s we had the opportunity to open our own umbrella store. We started with just umbrellas and overtime it evolved into rain-boots, women’s rainwear, men’s rainwear, children’s rainwear and later on adapted to winter outerwear” Natalie explains.

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With over 800 items in stock, Raindrops only carries the highest quality of merchandise, infusing North American practicalities with European allure. “We spend hours researching and traveling to international trade shows to stay on the cutting edge. We try and find pieces that people won’t find everywhere.” A couple of the brands that are exclusive to the shop include senz°, a European designed umbrella that is guaranteed not to blow inside out, and Seasalt, an outerwear brand that they import straight out of the UK.


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For the colder months, you can shop Raindrop’s selection of technical winter outerwear which features brands such as NILS, Aigle, Creenstone & more. “We feel that these are products that everyone needs – it’s not just a frivolous thing like, ‘Oh, I want a new pair of shoes.’ The weather will get bad at some point and you’ll need to protect yourself. We just want to make sure that people can stay stylish while still staying dry.”

If you head to Raindrops right now, you can shop their winter sale where all winter boots, outerwear and accessories are 30% off! For more information on Raindrops be sure to check them out on their:

Website | www.RaindropsTO.com

Facebook | Raindrops 


Instagram | @RaindropsTO

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