Trend Trunk is an up and coming e-commerce site like no other. They’re a Toronto based website that provides a platform for consumers to cash in on their closets and shop other’s wardrobes for less – something rarely seen in the online shopping world. With television appearances and shout outs on Cityline & the Marilyn Denis Show, there’s been so much buzz about Trend Trunk that the StyleDemocracy team just had to find out more! We chatted with Sean Snyder, the founder of Trend Trunk to find out what it was like being on Dragon’s Den and what we can expect from the e-commerce site in the future.

Sean Snyder and Trend Trunk began the Dragon’s Den journey in March, “[I practiced] in front of my team and [watched] a lot of the past episodes to see what went right and what went wrong to try to ensure we had a solid pitch,” Snyder tells us. “We weren’t sure if we would get a deal, but we had a solid offering.” Fast forward a month later and Sean was standing in front of the Dragons pitching his teams ideas. They were able to score a deal with Kevin, but ultimately felt like it wasn’t a good fit. The preparation for Dragon’s Den was rigorous, but it paid off for the Trend Trunk team. Their appearance aired, a 50/50 chance for participants of the show, were able to steer clear of the blooper reel and spread awareness about the awesome platform they’re providing. Though their deal didn’t go through, they were able to create a broader platform for their business and are now crowd funding on their own site.


Trend Trunk’s business is simple: solve a problem by providing a service. The problem, as Sean describes it, is that “we all have too much ‘stuff’ and clothing; which is too good to give away and you don’t want to sell it to strangers coming to your door.” Their solution was easy – create a platform for consumers to sell the items in their closet they’re no longer in love with and reduce fashion footprints by encouraging users to recycle their clothing instead of throwing it away. They take the hassle out of selling and shipping by emailing pre-addressed, pre-paid labels to you once your item sells. Sellers receive 80% of the sale directly into their Trend Trunk account.


In the future, Trend Trunk plans to grow their business by working directly with fashion designers, stylists and boutiques to drive sales through their platform. As an added benefit, Trend Trunk also plans to expand their partnership with charities and non-profit groups, creating additional ways for their supporters to raise funds. The benefits and convenience of Trend Trunk are obvious, so be sure to check them out on their:

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