Located on Bellair Street in the heart of Yorkville, Uncle Otis is notably one of Toronto’s premier destinations for modern and classic menswear and accessories, and has been for the past 20 years.

Throughout the store’s 20 year span, Uncle Otis has successfully created a growing loyal consumer fan-base that has helped Uncle Otis become a mecca for the urban gentleman looking to enhance their wardrobe with upscale and polished items such as oxford shirts, tweed ties, tailored apparel, denim, and sophisticated accessories that assist in complimenting any outfit to any style.

As you enter the Uncle Otis space, it is immediately apparent that attention to detail in showcasing their products is an important process not only for them, but for their consumers as well.

Cleverly coordinated by style, colour, season, and combination, Uncle Otis takes an educated approach by not only showing what pieces look great, but what pieces look great together in a timeless and effortless fashion. StyleDemocracy praises Uncle Otis’ efforts in creating a unique retail space that offers consumers more than your ordinary menswear shop would. Subtle details are spotted throughout the shop that speak a different story about who Uncle Otis is, how they came to be, the culture and values they embody, and most importantly the brands they love and why they love them, such as custom wall art and decorative; heritage-inspired furnishings.

Uncle Otis’ vision has shifted over the past couple of years. The shop has refocused it’s buying and merchandising strategies- contemporizing the overall feel and aesthetic of the entire shop. Heavily focusing on selling style rather than fashion trends has proven to be a successful component to the overall Uncle Otis consumer experience. Inspired by their consumers pursuit of personal style, Uncle Otis has integrated a very relaxed approach to selling. They are passionate about what they do, the products they carry, and about each and every single person that walks through their door. At Uncle Otis, customer service is paramount.

When asked about the shops outlook on customer service, Owner Donnell Enns said, “The whole philosophy of uncle Otis is the pursuit of personal style. We want people to express their own style and if we can help facilitate that, amazing.” Enns has been the owner of Uncle Otis since 2000. With the help from manager/buyer Martin James, Uncle Otis has been able to accomplish what other retail shops have been unable to do, which is mature the store as their clientele matured.

With a newly minted webstore in the works, Uncle Otis has plenty to offer men of fashion, style, and great taste. Whether you’re looking for a certain piece, an entire outfit, or advice, we can guarantee Uncle Otis has a solution for you.

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