Rewind one month back and you’ll find me browsing heart shaped pendents by In God We Trust NYC engraved with quirky sayings like “Balls to the Wall” and “Really F*cking Cute” in a new boutique on Ossington. Yellow floral wallpaper lines the back wall behind cash and let me tell ya – the necklaces and wallpaper aren’t the only things that are “really f*ucking cute” in the store.

Amber Stafford and Kristina Smith are the two ladies holding down the fort at Ossington’s newest boutique, Victoire. Though it’s fresh to Toronto, it’s been an Ottawa favourite since 2006 and was recently named one of the top 6 boutiques to visit in Canada by Elle magazine. “[The owners, Katie Frappier and Regine Paquett,] wanted to open a store in Ottawa that would really focus on Canadian design,” Amber tells us.

Their new Ossington location exemplifies the same concept. The front room is lined with racks of beautifully crafted tops, bottoms, and dresses by Canadian designers such as Eve Gravel, Valerie Dumaine, Dace, Betina Lou, and most recently, Birds of North America. The apparel is expressive, yet feminine and typically ranges between $100 and $300. While the majority of stock is made and designed in Canada, Victoire also stocks a small range of gifts, jewelry and clothing from around the world to allow more variety in their price-points – jewelry typically ranges between $19 and $100, and consists of designers like In God We Trust, Elaine Ho, Gwen D, and more.

The day StyleDemocracy visited, I left with an In God We Trust NYC necklace and SD’s Director of Marketing quickly became Victoire’s biggest fan – making off with 5 pocket knives for his future groomsmen and a bag full of goodies for his significant other. StyleDemocracy isn’t the only appreciator of the new spot either, “We’re really excited to be in Toronto. We love Ossington – it’s a great neighbourhood so far. Everyone has been really, really warm and welcoming to us. We’ve been really happy. Ossington is very community oriented – all of the business owners and people that work their have been really friendly and we hope to give off that vibe here too!”

To learn more about Victoire Boutique, check them out on:

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