We don’t just wear clothing. A woman chooses how she wants to wear a certain dress, pair of pants or an accessory. Getting dressed is a liberation of choice. A reflection of who we are or who we want to be. A concept that VSP Consignment embraces and emanates. “We’re not just one look or one style. I think people are being more ambitious about the way they dress. One person might wear something one way, while the next person who owns it will wear it completely differently,” owner, Britt Rawlinson tells us.

Located at Dundas and Brock, VSP is a designer consignment store that was opened two months ago by Britt Rawlinson. The shop is an extension of her mother’s store in Calgary, Vespucci. “It wasn’t something I had planned on doing, but I would go in every couple of months to visit and just be super surprised. I’d spot a Celine Jacket or an amazing Stella McCartney suit and a few months later, it’d still be there! I thought, if [those pieces were] in Toronto, they’d be gone! No one would let a Celine blazer just sit there for an entire season.” Once the idea was brewed, it was like a domino effect and her vision came alive.

I had the opportunity to check out Vespucci on a recent trip to Calgary and the shops could not be more different. While Vespucci is huge – a whopping 8000 square feet – with more clothing you could ever dream of, VSP is considerably smaller with a hand selected edit of apparel straight from Calgary. “When people come here, they don’t have to go through a lot of stuff to find gems, we try to pack the store full of them.” With weekly shipments from Calgary, the merchandise is always evolving with a guarantee that you will almost, always find something you love.”

The shop itself is bright and white with clean lines, marble tables and racks along the wall, an elegant take on reduction. While you’re sifting through, you’ll find everything from Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Acne to Gap and H&M. “It’s not about designer or price point. It’s about the big picture. [We just want to make sure] everything is in good, wearable condition so that someone can take it home and get a good season out of it.” And while VSP knocks it out of the park with their designer lineup, it’s their prices that’ll really get you. Designer pieces worn a handful of times and retail for thousands are 40-70% of the original cost. “You can come in one day looking for something a little bit more expensive and leave with a $500 Stella McCartney blazer or you can come in and leave with something for 28 bucks.” If you’re looking to consign, the process is simple and easy, with no appointment necessary. Just bring in your gently worn clothing – no matter what designer or brand – and the ladies of VSP will super open and honest about what they’ll take.

If you’re interested in learning more about VSP Consignment, make sure to check them out on:

Website | www.vspconsignment.com

Facebook | VSP Consignment

Twitter | @VSPConsignment

Instagram | @vsp_consignment


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