Well, it looks like Toronto based Shopper’s Drug Mart will begin to start selling fresh produce! Considering there are hundreds of Shoppers Drugmart’s in the GTA, shoppers from all over the area will get more access to fresh fruits and vegetables. Sounds great??? We are totally loving the idea, but it turns out Shoppers’ has opted to roll out their fresh produce in Regina to start instead. While Shoppers Drug Mart did “test” out fresh produce in Toronto Stores, Regina was picked because of it’s small population size and in comparison small Shoppers Drug Mart store count.

As you probably already know, Loblaw bought Shoppers Drug Mart last year for $12.4 billion, giving Loblaws instance retail space in condensed urban markets. If you’ve paid close attention to the shelves at Shoppers you may have noticed that the brand has gotten rid of most of their Nativa, Simply Food and Everyday Market packaged foods, and has replaced them with Loblaw’s popular President’s Choice label.

According to our friends at Retail – Insider, a third of all newly renovated Toronto Shoppers Drugmart’s will be devoted to fresh food – supposedly carrying everything from air-chilled chicken to Avocados.

Bringing in Fresh Produce at Shoppers Drug Mart is a great idea, giving greater access to affordable fresh produce in downtown urban areas.


Source: Retail – Insider

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