I always joke that there’s no better therapy than retail therapy, but apparently… it’s true! According to a new study that was conducted by Oxford University and the Open University, shopping trips are just as beneficial for a child’s development as painting or drawing activities. We can stop rolling our eyes at those parents who are drag their crying toddlers out to the local mall because they’re just trying to do their child’s brain good!

The conclusions were made after studying the results of an economic survey in Germany that studied the habits of 800 parents with two & three-year-olds. It appears that the interaction between a child and a parent during shopping trips helps to develop social skills and promotes happiness (duh!). The more retail therapy the toddlers were exposed to, the happier they seemed to be! The study also reported that shopping is better for a child’s social skills than watching TV or reading. No wonder I was such a happy child.

So for the parents reading this, the next time someone gives you a dirty look when your child is doing laps in the local Walmart – tell them you’re just exercising your child’s brain power and show them this study!

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