Hard work, talent and being genuine is paying off for Saskatchewan band ONE BAD SON. If you ever get a chance to meet the band, the first thing that you realize is that ONE BAD SON is actually a group of some very good guys.

One Bad Son have been insanely busy lately. Making the 50 hour drive from Vancouver to Ontario, OBS will be playing in 11 cities across the province throughout the month of May. With a concert last night at Cherry Cola’s in Toronto the band is just getting started on their crazy month.

One Bad Son hail from Saskatchewan, and have been making music for 10 years. They’ve struggled and persevered, paying strong attention to their craft and growing as a band from show to show.  With a hit “Scarecrows” on the radio and a soon to be released new music video for their song “It Ain’t Right” expect to hear and see One Bad Son more often.

Yesterday I headed down to the Fossil Showroom to do catch OBS’ Lead Vocalist Shane Volk, Guitarist Adam Hicks, Bassist Adam ‘Granny’ Grant, and Drummer/ Manager Kurt Dahl in the middle of their shopping and find out a little more about the band and to ask them questions about fashion- A topic these rockers rarely get to discuss!

When I finally made it to the Showroom I notice, Granny meticulously curating his Fossil swag, Kurt trying on some shades and Adam and Shane checking out some of Fossil’s new collections online.  The Fossil showroom is absolutely beautiful, and luckily I got a chance to squeeze in some questions when the guys were taking in the endless number of awesome Fossil products.

Although every band member except Shane was in the standard off duty rocker look- Jeans and a flannel, these dudes have some fashion flair. Kurt was in the middle of trying on a white and black leopard print belt “This would be great on stage” he joked.

Their style is pretty eclectic and definitely reflects the bands lifestyle. “We like clothes with a lot of character, our style is kind of 70’s inspired, definitely … just like our music- Led Zeppelin, The Who, Hendrix and the early 90’s with Sound garden Alice and Chains” Kurt Tells us… Then Shane quickly jumps in “And Customized Stuff, things we’ve made ourselves. It’s nice to have one off things that nobody else has.”

Watching their music videos, and seeing photos of the band online, they’ve got the Canadian rocker look down to a T. But when it comes down to it, with One Bad Son, it’s the music that really matters.

Throughout my interview with Kurt and Shane, I really got to discover that OBS, although having a #5 hit, are still in that hustling phase. The band travels extreme distances, works hard and has a very genuine approach to making and performing music. “We are going to do it the old fashioned way, there is no secret success plan for us, we have the new video coming out, lots of touring … Just getting on the road and playing for people, that’s what we’ve done for the past 9 years.. with rock ‘n roll you earn fans one show at a time” Shane tells us.

Well, when it comes to fans, with hits like “Scarecrows” and “It Ain’t Right” they can add one more …

Check out the pics from the trip.

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