A rise in popularity of s’more inspired desserts has allowed us to create a second list dedicated completely to these tasty treats. This camping classic has ditched its roots in the wilderness to become a staple item in bakeries around Toronto. Who needs a traditional s’more by the campfire when you can have theses creative alternatives?

10. Junked Food Co.

s'mores inspired desserts

S’more Waffle with Ice Cream

Website: http://junkedfoodco.com/


9. The Sweet Esc

s'mores inspired desserts

S’mores French Toast

Website: http://www.sweet-esc.com/

8. Lisa Marie

s'mores inspired desserts

S’more Pancakes

Website: http://www.fidelgastros.com/lisa-marie-main.html


7. Short & Sweet Cupcakes

s'mores inspired desserts

S’more Brownie Cookies

Website: http://shortandsweetcupcakes.ca/


6. Bake Shoppe:

s'mores inspired desserts

S’more Pop Tart

Website: http://www.bakeshoppeto.com/

5. Sweet Jesus: s'more inspired desserts

S’more Ice Cream Cone

Website: http://www.sweetjesus4life.com/

4. Colette Grand Cafe

s'mores inspired desserts

S’more Croissant

Website: : http://www.colettetoronto.com/

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