Late last year, PUMA announced a new Art Director and Creative Consultant and that person was none other then the singer, model, mother, and style-star; Solange Knowles. Ever since the news broke, we’ve been excited to see what Knowles was going to bring for to the table and it’s finally here!

The “Girls of Blaze”¬†collection is Knowles’ first project for PUMA and it looks like nothing PUMA has done before. Knowles teamed up with a team of designers (Gerlan, William Okpo, and Hisham Baroocha) to reinterpret the classic PUMA Disc. The collection was inspired by the sights and sounds of Brazil and the campaign was shot by Alan Ferguson.

Personally, I had been feeling like PUMA needed a major upgrade in branding and design – Solange is definitely their saving grace! The new campaign looks more like a fashion editorial than a sportswear ad with it’s perfectly paired vibrant colours and wild haired beauties. Hopefully this will bring the attention PUMA needs and deserves. We can’t see what else Knowles has up her sleeve.

Solange-Knowles-Girls-of-Blaze-Puma-1 Solange-Knowles-Girls-of-Blaze-Puma-2 Solange-Knowles-Girls-of-Blaze-Puma-3 Solange-Knowles-Girls-of-Blaze-Puma-4 Solange-Knowles-Girls-of-Blaze-Puma-5 Solange-Knowles-Girls-of-Blaze-Puma-6 Solange-Knowles-Girls-of-Blaze-Puma-8 Solange-Knowles-Girls-of-Blaze-Puma-9 Solange-Knowles-Girls-of-Blaze-Puma-Designed-by-Gerlan-Jeans Solange-Knowles-Girls-of-Blaze-Puma

Source: Nicole Betchie

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