I Went on a Spending Detox and Saved $150 in a Week

In an effort to accumulate some ‘fun money’ for a last minute vacation, I took part in a spending detox to save some cash, fast! Here’s how I went on a spending detox and saved $150 in a week.

Have you ever taken a close look at the crap (yes crap,) that you blow your hard earned money on in any given week? I pay attention to my frivolous (often questionable,) spending, then typically just look the other way and tell myself “I work hard… I deserve it!” #TreatYoSelf. It’s not surprising that this type of attitude towards indulgent spending on things like lattes, manicures and alcohol sure can eat up your disposable income!

In an effort to accumulate some ‘fun money’ for a last minute vacation, I chose to take part in a spending detox to save some cash, fast! Would a one week spending detox be easy? Of course not! Would it be worth it? I sure hoped so… Here’s how I went on a spending detox and saved $150 in a week.  


Who accomplishes anything on a Sunday, really? I’m happy that in an effort to prep for my one-week spending detox, I meal prepped a healthy lunch for myself to begin the work week.

Money saved: $0.00

Mood: I hate Sunday evenings…


I hit the ground running on Monday morning with a packed lunch (saving me a trip to Chipotle on my lunch hour). Instead of hitting up the McDonald’s Drive-Thru for a large dark roast on my way into work, I settled for a K-cup of the office brew in the lunchroom. On Monday evening, rather than agreeing to a post-work drink with coworkers, I made dinner plans with my parents who are always happily willing to feed me and send me home with leftovers!

Money saved: $34.00 for coffee, lunch and a drink

Mood: Full and off to an awesome start!


Tuesday morning I rolled into work sans-coffee and with leftovers in hand for lunch! That evening I played with the idea of hitting up a local boxing gym for a stress-relieving workout, but instead decided to take advantage of the beautiful spring temperatures and headed outdoors for a (free) run!  

Money saved: $41.00 for coffee, lunch and a single class pass for a kickboxing session

Mood: Energized!


Hello, hump day! While I did buy my lunch on Wednesday AND went out for dinner on Wednesday evening with friends, I made the wise decision to snack at home before leaving for the restaurant! So what? Well, since I wasn’t too hungry for a full-size dinner entree, I asked the waiter (before bringing my meal to the table,) to pack up half of my plate in a to-go container so that it was ready for my lunch the next day.   

Money saved: $3.00 for coffee

Mood: Impressed with portion sizes! Also, feeling guilty for eating out. ‘Does all of my money really go towards food?!?!’


Free office coffee? Check! Leftovers for lunch? Check! Thursday evening I had plans to meet with my mentor for quick coffee and catch-up. Thanks to the Starbucks app and my millions of points, both of our brews and treats were on the house!  

Money saved: $28.00 for coffee, lunch, drinks and baked goods

Mood: Ready for the weekend!


TGIF! I worked from home on Friday, so by default, I saved money on my mileage to and from the office! That evening, I was in desperate need of a gel manicure removal and polish, but there was no way I was going to part with the money to do so at my favourite salon. Off I went to the dollar store for some acetone nail polish remover!   

Money saved: $46.00 for gasoline and salon services

Mood: Arg!! My floor is covered in nail polish chips…


I made it to the weekend! I’m looking forward to ‘Girl’s Night In’ and I’m in need of a bottle of wine to bring with me. Do I dare exchange an unopened liquor bottle from my bar cart that I was gifted during the holidays at the LCBO? I did…

Money saved: $14.00

Mood: Ready for a vacation!  


Total money saved as a result of my spending detox: $166.00

Have you gone on a spending detox before? How much money did you save?

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