While some women say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, I beg to differ. My best friends and best-kept beauty secrets are actually the stylists at Blo Blow Dry Bar. If you live in Toronto, you’ve surely seen their locations before – their hot pink logo is hard to miss, as well as the girls leaving the blow dry bar with the most perfect hair.

The first Blo Blow Dry Bar opened June 2007 in Vancouver and was the first ‘no cuts, no colour’ concept bar to open in North America. Blo was created out of the need for a quick, affordable, convenient blow dry service. Before Blo, a flat priced blow out where walk-ins were accepted 7 days a week did not exist! After three locations opened in the first year – one of which included the Four Seasons Hotel – they realized they were on to something and began to expand across Canada, into the United States, Russia and Asia. It’s now been almost 7 years and there are 36 Blo Blow Dry Bars across the globe.

If you’ve never been to Blo Blow Dry Bar, you may be wondering what makes it different than a traditional salon. Well, first off, there are absolutely no tears shed alongside your snipped tresses, because there are absolutely no cuts! Blo’s Session Stylists are trained at Blo U(niversity) where they master the blo out, as well as all the other expert hairstyling tips and tricks.

Clients are able to choose from hair-styles from Blo’s Signature Hair Menu (wash included!). Styles include Pillow Talk – a curly, tousled, bed head, Hunt Club – the perfect ponytail, Red Carpet – a classic blo out, to name a few.If what you’re looking for isn’t in Blo’s Hair Menu, you can also style a la carte! Bring in a photo and Blo’s stylists will recreate the look. Aside from their in-bar services, Blo is also mobile and will come to your house or hotel for special events such as bridal or bachelorette parties.

Blo Blow Dry Bar will change the way you tousle your tresses, and don’t worry – you’re totally not cheating on your hairdresser! You can even book a blo out from bed with the brand new Blo app! The app makes it super easy to find a location near you, book your appointment and even gift a Blo. Download the App here and click here to see what a Blo experience is like.

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