This one goes out to all the ladies out there – the ladies that look into their closets every morning and think, “I have nothing to wear” or spot a great outfit on the street and think, “I wish I could wear that.” I recently got to sit down with two ladies who have been there before and understand your wardrobe woes. Anila Akram and Laura Lampe are the women behind Broome + Bow, a new monthly clothing subscription service that allows women to experiment with new designers and styles without the risk of investment. The duo met at their day job, a completely conservative consulting firm, immediately bonding over their love for online window shopping and the fact that their wardrobes were completely different than their colleagues. “My idea of staples were completely different from everyone else’s. For me, black pants weren’t a staple – I had to have tartan pants.” Akram laughs,  “I was always getting comments from people about how it’d be so great to have [that item] but in a much less risky way.” And thus, Broome + Bow was born.

So how does it work? After filling out a style profile, Broome + Bow will send 3-4 designer pieces, including Theory, Clover Canyon, Clare Vivier & more, straight to your home for $49 a month. You’ll have the entire month to test drive them with your wardrobe, wow your friends and afterwards, you can return them with the pre-paid package provided or purchase them from Broome + Bow for 20% less than retail. The beauty of the service is that you get the opportunity to try out looks you never thought you’d like or be able to pull off, “for example, [we’ll send someone] a pair of boyfriend jeans that they would have never tried on in the store or a really cool, funky necklace. They’ll wear it out with their friends and get tons of compliments and the confidence that they can pull it off.” Laura explains. “It makes a world of a difference when a salesperson gives you a compliment versus someone at work or a person on the street because then you know it’s sincere.”

The service also gives women the chance to discover new designers, like Michelle Ross, but that’s not where the service stops. Based on a customer’s style profile and whether the customer considers themselves a style ‘newb’ or ‘expert’, Broome + Bow will provide style tips and advice on how to wear certain pieces. They’ve teamed up with a some well known bloggers to showcase how individual pieces can be worn, doing all the legwork and taking all the stress out of getting dressed. I had the opportunity to sample a package that featured brands like Clare Vivier, Lord & Taylor and more. What I really loved about my Broome + Bow package, was that I could wear all of the pieces at once or style them with pieces I already owned. Check out how I styled them below.


If you’re interested in expanding your wardrobe and trying out new styles in a less permanent way, I’d definitely suggest checking out Broome + Bow:

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