Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the StyleDemocracy team had the opportunity to discuss love and lingerie with the Toronto designed, developed and manufactured lingerie line, Fortnight. The brand began in 2010 when designer, Christina Remenyi, became aware of a gap in the undergarment industry – lingerie that was feminine and delicate, as well as functional. Over the past 4 years, Fortnight has masterfully balanced the two to create a one of a kind product.

It was a difficult challenge, but a challenge Remenyi willfully took on, “I’ve always been so intrigued by lingerie because it’s such a personal, intimate layer that is rich in history and controversy,” Remenyi explains. “I thought that there was a place in the market for a lingerie label that is comfortable and made to last, using the finest finishing and fabrics as well as pieces that are discreet when necessary, but also beautiful enough to flaunt if desired to do so!”

Fortnight takes extreme care in every detail of the production process to ensure beauty and quality in each piece. The process begins with choosing fabrics; they must be soft and delicate, but also supportive and durable. The pattern making process is just as intricate. The bras are sized on 3 different fit models; all of different sizes to ensure the bras fit every body type properly. Fortnight creates bras that support an A cup to an F cup, all without the use of underwire. In order to ensure their customers get the best possible product, this process can take up to 6 months. There are over 30 components to each piece, with each step depending on the accuracy of the last step. Each aspect of the bra is of the highest quality, which means they can last years, as opposed to a few months, like most foam cup bras.

Like any great piece in a woman’s wardrobe, Fortnight’s products will fit, last, and most importantly – make you feel beautiful. And men, Fortnight hasn’t forgotten about you – they know you’ll appreciate how the fit with enhance your ladies natural figure, instead of hiding it. We’re all winners here! To learn more about Fortnight, check out their:

Website | www.FortnightLingerie.com

Facebook | Fortnight

Twitter | @FortnightLabel

Instagram | @FortnightLabel



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