A man of my own aspirations, George Sully has been straight killing it lately. He co-owns multiple enterprises has established multiple successful businesses and has received accolades for his work worldwide. From his footwear/bag line, Sully Wong, to his quarterly published magazine, TCHAD, and his extensive philanthropic work, Mr. Sully has left his stamp on several of Toronto’s most creative projects.

The StyleDemocracy team had an opportunity to catch up with Sully to get an up close look at what’s in store for the future, and to chat a little about the road he took to get there.

It’s pretty easy to see why the dude has been successful. If you’ve ever met a person like George Sully, you know what I’m talking about. Electric magnetism, hutzpah, passion – whatever you call it George has it.  It’s the type of energy mixed with experience that anyone who wants to make it big in the fashion industry needs.

Humble, hustler-minded thinking launched George into the creative industry. “I’ve always been in the business of lifestyle in some sort of way. When I was a kid I started in music… When you don’t have all the resources you get resourceful. Independently of anybody else, I started doing my own branding, making my own music and doing my own design to support my own music,” Sully tells us. “I didn’t’ become the rock star I was planning to be (laughs), but I got really good at the graphic design portion. I started getting better and people started asking me for work.”

Mixed with his extensive work and connections in the music industry and drawing minor inspiration from the newly minted Sean John label from producer/rapper P. Diddy. George Sully was one of the first Canadian’s to recognize the power of the fusion of art and music and how it could be translated into fashion.  “Everybody was starting to really put the music and fashion together and all of a sudden it was ‘Eureka!’ I had all these musicians that I was connected to… I started my clothing line (LIMB) and just used all my friends from all over the world to help promote my business,” he tells us. “ The line was great, but I was young and I didn’t appreciate what I was able to build. I got the popularity. We made it at that Athlete’s World level, but I got myself into situations I wasn’t prepared for. It all changed when I met Henry [WONG]

The duo met at a tradeshow, “ Henry proposed to me an offer I couldn’t refuse.”   After a long time of going back and forth, the two finally came together months later to form what is Sully Wong today.

The partnership has proven to be fruitful. The duo fused their skills – Wong with production, order fulfillment and business development, and Sully with the creative direction, design work and brand development.  To date, Sully Wong has had several successful releases. The first collection that caught my eye was the drop of the SW J Heavyweight Hi- Top.  As the second installment of their most popular series the SW J Heavyweight drew inspiration from the most prolific champion boxer of his time, Jack Johnson. The shoe is made completely out of vegan leather and is mixed with subtle design lines and was predominantly sold at GOTSTYLE known as the 1# rated mens store in toronto and or other unique boutique spots like Community 54.

Recently, the brand has been making headlines with two new stellar projects.  Sully Wong has partnered with world-renowned designer Karim Rashid for a capsule collection like none other. Bold Karim Rashid patterns are splashed on a sexy Sully Wong version of the Chukka boot.

Recently Pharrell Williams got to interview Karim Rashid for his new show ARTST TLK, we contacted the ARTST TLK to praise them on the interview…It quickly turned to conversations of the Karim for Sully Wong collaboration…which then Lead to Pharrell personally ordering a pair of Karim for Sully Wong KROMO’s in Kool Blue…. his favourite of the series, Kevin Law Director of ARTST TLK chose the same!  We covered the release extensively earlier so check out the blog for more details.

We had to give Sully Wong’s newest shoe release the attention it deserved, but what we’re most excited about is the release of the Sully Wong bags.  Since an initial bag released as a secret TIFF giveaway, Sully Wong has taken their first bag design and morphed into a full line of backpacks and messenger bags. Luxurious style, high craftsmanship and ultimate usability are all hallmarks of the new bags.  Internally we’re calling these bags “Herschel Killers”. The quality is there and most bags will be priced to directly compete with brands like Herschel and Fjallraven.

The bags are now available at GotStyle and we honestly can’t wait to see what Sully Wong does next.


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