Spotlight: Hip and Bone

In this line of business you come across several brands that impress the hell out you. And then there are a few that not only manage to impress, but also inspire.

In this line of business you come across several brands that impress the hell out you. And then there are a few that not only manage to impress, but also inspire.

Hip and Bone is a Montreal based clothing company brought together by knowledge-loving-truth-seekers with a deep appreciation for art, fashion and individualism. As of 2010, the brand began expressing its values through carefully constructed high quality garments using handpicked exclusive fabrics such as linen, pima cotton, Egyptian cotton and leather.

From Russia to Colombia, Miami to Montreal the founders and designers of Hip And Bone embody the vision and creativity of the young progressive generation. Carlos Fogelman and Frank Mesh found themselves immersed in fashion and textiles from a young age. Their family’s involvement in garments and recycled textiles would create the foundation upon which Hip and Bone was built.

I’ve had the extreme pleasure to chat with Carlos about his Hip and Bone brand, and let me tell you, it was a great conversation. Born in Columbia, with a background in finance and marketing, Carlos found himself running one of Canada’s most observed apparel companies. Hip and Bone were featured, as one of the finalists in the 2013 Mercedez-Benz Start Up Runway Show during Toronto World MasterCard Fashion Week. If you were in attendance, you know exactly why their runway show was one of the best of the entire week. For those who missed out, I’ll do my best to re-create that excitement to the best of my ability.

“Durability for a solider, softness for a king and queen.” – Carlos Fogelman

If I could describe Hip and Bone, I’d say that they are an equal balance between modern street-wear with timeless luxury details. Hip and Bone have developed a brand that craft products with more than just the best garments available worldwide, but also with the best intentions and purpose. Adapting a revolutionary mentality to their creative process, Hip and Bone have devised a unique approach to dressing the modern solider. When I asked about Hip and Bone’s origins, Carlos said he wanted to create a company that could help convey the organization’s values.

“Being hip isn’t about the type of clothing you wear, it’s about the person wearing the clothes. Being hip really comes down to the bones.” – Carlos Fogelman

As I browse the Hip and Bone collection online, I couldn’t help myself from falling in love over and over again with the beauty, craftiness and simplicity of their current collection. There isn’t one piece in their collection that I wouldn’t want to get my hands on. Most notably the ‘Bones Crocodile Collection’. These bags, wallets, and money clips are absolutely gorgeous. Made with skin from Carlos’ family crocodile farm in Columbia, he is able to produce these luxury products and make them more accessible to consumers worldwide.

Hip and Bone is no longer just a menswear brand:

Hip and Bone have embarked on their journey into ladies-wear by introducing the Ring My Bell collaboration ‘Ashley Shorts’. Hand made, and crafted with black Spanish lamb leather with red silk lining and pockets, and ribbed waist for maximum fit and comfort. I challenge any women to dislike these shorts. You can now browse the women’s collection on the Hip and Bone website.

Carlos speaks passionately about the brand’s integrity, purpose, history, and its future. There is no wonder why Hip and Bone is one of the most sought out apparel companies to embrace the spotlight. I encourage you to take a look for yourselves and prepare to fall deeply in love with what they have to offer.