Alexander Wang once said, “anyone can get dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their days off that are the most intriguing.” Over the past decade, street style has become just as influential as the looks on the runway -grabbing the attention of major publications like Vogue and the New York Times. While many focus on the photos in front of them for inspiration, sometimes the man behind the camera is just as stylish.

Jun Her has been snapping photos of Toronto’s most stylish for his blog, The Korean Barber, since 2011. By day he’s a visual merchandiser and off duty, you can find him scouring the streets for unforgettable style. “I started off capturing men’s street style style for my personal use so that I could refer back and imitate their style.” Jun explains. What started as a source of inspiration became a fan favourite. Many of Jun’s snaps have even been featured on the New York Times website, but it’s his own personal style – which is inspired by Thom Browne and Nick Wooster – that has caught the attention of websites like GQ, The New York Times, BlogTO and more.

Typically put together in a 3-piece suit, watch out for Jun because while you’re admiring his style, he might be sneaking snaps of you! “The people I usually take pictures of have a good silhouette or colour pairing. I find the most fashionable [people] are in the Bloor or Ossington area.” So, keep your head up and your duds fresh because Jun Her (aka. The Korean Barber) will be snapping street style photos for the StyleDemocracy team and we want to see all of your best outfits on the blog!


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