People often say not to mix business with pleasure, that things can get messy and never end pretty. Well, we say that life is a game best played with company and the next duo that we’re about to introduce you to are the perfect example of friends who used team work to make their dreams work.


Diandra Guglielmello and Maggie Coblentz are the two childhood friends behind the brand Liel & Lentz. The pair first met in kindergarten and split ways after high-school. Diandra went on to study science while Maggie went on to study fashion and design at Parsons and Ryerson. During a trip to India, Maggie was fascinated by the variety of materials and different modes of production that were available to designers and began brewing up ideas for her own jewelry line. When Maggie landed back in Canada, both her and Diandra agreed that working for someone else wasn’t really their thing and thus, a partnership was born.


Fast forward two years later and Diandra leads the business while Maggie combines rare woods that originate from South America and Southeast Asia with sterling silver, 14k gold and semi-precious stones. All pieces are designed and handcrafted in Toronto, resulting in a beautifully organic and unique collection for both men and women that are available in a dozen stores across Ontario like the Black Box Boutique in Yorkville and Garrison Bespoke.


In addition to their current collection, Liel & Lentz are offering super cute, handcrafted Movember accessories like the Lil’ Mo tie ($30), Lil’ Mo ($20) and the Mo Pendant ($40), with all proceeds going towards the Movember foundation. The accessories are only available during November, so head to their website to purchase one now!


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