A couple week ago, the StyleDemocracy team and I had the chance to check out the Gentleman’s Expo – a one stop shop for everything the modern day man needs, including new tech, alcohol and of course fashion. While GotStyle was the main attraction with an extensive showcase of their top brands, there was another exhibit that caught my eye. A circular platform displaying three 3 classic menswear shoes with a background poster displaying the words Paul Evans was a welcome sight from the sea of beer booths. We got a chance to chat with the CEO of Paul Evans, Evan Fript, to learn a bit more about the brand.


Evan is a financier whose love for fashion grew after he acquired his first custom-made suit. After searching high & low, he couldn’t find the perfect pair of shoes at an affordable price-point. He decided to take matters into his own hands and start Paul Evans 3 months ago, a brand offering designer quality shoes for a fraction of the price. The company has already caught the eyes major publications such as Esquire and currently offers three styles, The Brando, The Cagney & The Grant, which all are unique styles of brogues in full, rich colours. Shoes are sold exclusively online to keep prices low and include a flat $20 shipping fee in Canada. The collection is made in Italy & Spain to ensure that only the highest quality of leather is offered to consumers. As for the price point, the current models are priced at $350.


While this isn’t the first brand that has cut out the middleman to offer quality product at an affordable price (think Everlane, Warby Parker), it is the first notable brand for menswear shoes. Although the current price isn’t exactly cheap, shoes are one of the only items that can be truly considered an investment. If you take proper care of them they can end up lasting you a lifetime, which makes the cost per wear ratio pretty damn low. If you’re looking for a versatile shoe that you can wear for awhile this might just be the brand for you.

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