When you meet a guy with the last name Panda, it’s almost hard not to ask him if that’s his real name. Meet Jeremy Panda, a musician, pool shark, former serial kiosk owner, and an ambitious garment enthusiast. And yes, it’s his real name. I met Jeremy during the Sherway Gardens TOPSHOP opening party where he was performing live t-shirt silk-screenings. As I anxiously waited for my shirt to be pressed, I couldn’t help but to ask him a few questions about his business. I’ve never attended an event that hosted live silk-screening before and it intrigued me enough to follow up with him. One conversation led to another, and I eventually found myself sitting on a couch in his Toronto loft-esque studio office.

With that said, I’ve had the extreme pleasure of sitting down with Jeremy to talk about his venture, Peace and Cotton – a custom center for the most ethical and environmentally friendly crafted garments that North America has to offer. Built on the simple foundations of transparency, collaboration, and creativity – Jeremy and his partner Ryan Forget have forged a unique approach to the garment business. Through strategic manufacturing partnerships with private labels, and corporate and independent companies, they have managed to kick-start several side projects and offer many value-added services that are setting them apart from the competition.

Peace and Cotton - StyleDemocracy.com

When asked about the process of live silk-screening, Jeremy said, “What I’ve learned over the years is that, silk-screening, no matter how automated the machinery is, it is still very human.” His love for interacting with designers, retailers, and consumers is what he enjoys most about the process.

Peace and Cotton - StyleDemocracy.com

One of Jeremy’s latest projects had him involved in an interesting charitable collaboration between Arts & Crafts and successful Canadian designer, Jeremy Laing, for the creation of an original line of apparel featuring design collaborations between Arts & Crafts musicians and noted Canadian visual artists. The collection is available online at select Hudson’s Bay Company retail locations across Canada. 100% of profits are being donated to MusiCounts, whose mission is to ensure that children in Canada, regardless of socioeconomic circumstances and cultural background, have access to a music program through their school.

Aside from several of Jeremy’s vanity projects, and Peace & Cotton’s print and sewing business, he is also featured in a documentary about t-shirt culture in which he speaks passionately about the importance of sourcing locally, abiding by the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and Fair Labor Accredited Goods. The documentary will be released in 2014.

Peace and Cotton - StyleDemocracy.com

With over 9 years of experience in developing different types of washes and dyeing procedures, you can count on Peace and Cotton to provide high quality standards in products and services.

Whether you’re hosting an event and seeking live silk screeners, or you’re a designer looking to sample and source – consider Peace & Cotton for piece of mind. Jeremy’s plans to expand the business include an e-commerce space, strategic partnerships with several (exciting) private labels, and growing the Peace & Cotton garment line. To sum up my time with Jeremy; he’s a an all around great guy, with a ton of passion for what he does. He’s determined, professional, straight-forward, and kind of looks like Dave Grohl.

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