You might be sitting on a gold mine. With the arrival of Apple’s new iPhone 7, it seems as if collectible iPhones still in their original packaging are popping up with astronomical price tags.  The website The Daily Dot made the discover that if you browse eBay, Apple’s 1st generation iPhone, the 2g  is now selling for upwards of $1,500 CAD. The 2G phone isn’t even 10 years old, but is being considered a collectible item for consumers who opted not to open their brand new phone. Like everything the collectibility of the item is due to supply and demand. First of all, there were only $6.1 million units sold, and the number of people that opted to not open their device is probably relatively small.

Like everything collectible, it should be noted that this is just the asking price. Who knows if anyone would actually want to buy a 10-year-old phone for $2,000 just for nostalgic purposes.

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