CBC Marketplace is reporting that Canadians who enjoy buying low-cost jewelry at popular fashion chains could very well be wearing products that contain cadmium, a heavy metal that can be very toxic for kids.

If you take a quick second and google cadmium, you find out just how bad it can be for your health. Cadmium is a known carcinogen and can create complications as serious as kidney failure and bone loss.

We don’t want to be overly scary, jewelry containing cadmium doesn’t have any known risks when worn. The problem is when the product is either swallowed or ingested.

This becomes a problem because as CBC Marketplace uncovered a lot of the inexpensive jewelry sold at chains like Ardene and Aldo is probably not purchased for adults, it’s often teens or younger that find themselves wearing the jewelry. If you’ve ever seen a child chewing on her necklace, this is where the contamination can happen.

Children’s bodies absorb toxic metals at a higher rate than adults, and as previously mentioned they are way more likely to put the jewelry in their mouth.

Take a look at the CBC Marketplace exposition for yourself. The investigation team looked specifically at Aldo and Ardene and found articles of jewelry that were almost fully made out of cadmium. A specific pendant was “close to pure cadmium” .

Due to what CBC uncovered, Aldo has sprung into action quickly and has stated that they will remove all the items containing cadmium discovered by CBC marketplace.

While cute and inexpensive jewelry may be a great gift for a young teen, make sure you check to ensure that the product is safe and cadmium free.


Source: CBC

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