Those who follow Lost & Found may have noticed there was a feminine presence and touch missing. If you’ve been searching for that presence, you’ll find former co-owner, Zai Rajkotwala, a couple blocks down at her new store, Easy Tiger Goods. “I was kind of nervous when I first opened because I’m bringing such a wide range of products,” Zai laughs “I’m bringing in underwear, cleaning supplies, jewelry and clothing but I think everything has a very similar voice. My focus at Easy Tiger is to bring in products that are well made, packaged and designed. People like to know where things come from and who makes them.” And through extensive research, Zai has amassed an impressive collection of unique and special merchandise. Everything is minimal, classic and also very well curated. With her previous retail experience, background in merchandising and team of Joanne Cheung and Meghan Macdonald, you better believe that Easy Tiger kills it on all levels, especially aesthetically.

Seafoam industrial racks hold up oak coloured shelves along an exposed brick wall and pink ombré radiators look good at doing their job. Merchandise is paired and put out so perfectly that it looks like it has been pulled straight out of the blog, ‘Things Organized Neatly’ and the shop has had nothing but great response so far. “I have a lot of people come in being like ‘I forgot it was my best friend’s birthday! You’re saving me!’ I think people really appreciate the fact that there’s a gift shop/general store in the neighbourhood where they can buy cards and unique gifts.” Easy Tiger is also a great place to go if you want to support local. Toronto based artists such as Metsa and Jesse Bromm plus baked goods, flowers and coffee all produced locally and by friends, make up part of the inventory. The rest  hails from all over the globe and consists of things like chalk from Germany, jewelry from New York, a leather line from Denmark, enamel from England and ranges anywhere from $3 to $400.

With the shop being less than 5 months old, Rajkotwala tells us that Easy Tiger is still evolving and growing with the help of her team. “Owning my own store has always been a dream and I would not have been able to do it without my girls. We work so great together and Easy Tiger wouldn’t be nearly as incredible as it is without these two ladies.” Head to Easy Tiger if you’re looking for something that’s well made, packaged and designed, for unique finds like sheepskin rugs, hand blown glass flasks, lake dyed wax canvas lunch bags or just an awesome cup of coffee. You can also keep an eye out for pop-up shops, trunk and art shows in the future.

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