This week’s store of the week, is one of my favourite neighbourhood shops.

Located right between Lawrence and Eglintion on Yonge, Intuition for Men | Women has slowly but surely brought a cooler vibe uptown. I got a chance to sit down with owner/operator Krisopher De Gale Perry and get the scoop on this little sliver of downtown… Uptown.

“We thought the neighbourhood needed something a little more youthful… We were finding that our customers are people that used to live on Queen Street, and now live up here with their families”.

Walking around the store you totally get the downtown Queen street vibe without all the associated hype and staff that are way to cool for you.

If I could classify Intuition I would say that it’s a relaxed boutique. The styling and the presentation of the store is beautiful and the brands they carry are unique, but it’s not pretentious at all. It’s kind of what they are going for “ Intuition is a boutique that carries brands from Europe, Australia and Canada and focuses on providing a casual effortless kind of style…”

If you’re looking for the latest Stussy T- shirt, you won’t find it here. Intuition focuses on basic apparel from up and coming brands. Brands which give you a fashionable look without looking like your trying to hard.

Over the past year the store has evolved from a men’s boutique into a boutique for men and women. “ We were finding that a lot of our customers were women- buying clothes for their husbands and their boyfriends so we wanted to offer something for women as well” Kristopher tells us. “ A lot of clients wanted it, and we thought this summer would be the best time to do it”.

If your looking for a truly unique shopping experience Intuition is not a store to sleep on, they specialize in personal shopping, and Kristopher’s 10+ years of experience in the business really shows.

“ I worked in the industry since I was 16 years old, working in boutiques and higher end stores I got the feeling of what works and what I would do if I opened my own store.”

Kristopher’s groundwork has paid off. The store is beautiful, the customer service is excellent and they’ve managed to create an atmosphere that isn’t found uptown – A cool “affordable boutique”.



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