The CBC is reporting that streaming service Shomi has announced that it will shut down the service at the end of November.

The streaming service was unable to compete with Netflix as the fight for digital content in Canada was fragmented across platforms like Crave, Shomi, Netflix and others.

if you can remember, Rogers and Shaw communications launched Shomi in November of 2014, in the hopes of capturing an audience that was leaving traditional cable TV searching for other options.

According to industry insiders, Shomi failed to reach 100,000 subscribers which pales in comparison to Netflix who in 2015 had close to 4 million subscribers*.

Shomi was off to a rough start from the beginning, as it initially received harsh criticism for only allowing Rogers and Shaw clients to access the service. By the time they opened the service up tot anyone it was a little too late.

All in all, if you were a Shomi user, the product just wasn’t that great. Although better than Crave TV Shomi lacked a consistent stream of original content.

Did you use Shomi? What did you think?


Source: CBC Image Source: Shaw

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