There is a new generation of creative’s hitting the Toronto scene and so much fresh talent to explore.  Last week, we got to sit down with Asia Clarke, the brains behind the Toronto based jewelry line, Wild Moon. If you keep up with the blog, you’ve probably heard us mention the brand before. The line consists mainly of necklaces and earrings in the range of $20 to $120, a reflection of Asia’s personal jewelry style, “I mostly make what I would wear. I don’t wear [bracelets or] rings so I don’t make them. It’s not that I never would, it’s just so hard to find a style that looks like something nobody else is doing,” she tells us and with a large part of her materials sourced through thrift and antique shops, her pieces definitely don’t blend in with the masses, “I like my things to look old and new. I love antique gold finish. I always see [my designs] as futuristic tribalism.”

When Asia began making jewelry three years ago, it wasn’t something she expected to take off, “[It all started because I thought] ‘Christmas shopping is going to make me broke!’ I started making Christmas gifts for my family and found that when people get things that are made by you, it means so much more to them.” The reception was so positive that she decided to continue, seeing the creative side of jewelry as a spiritual channel to direct excess energy. “When I first started jewelry, I was going through a lot. I guess you could call it pain, but it was really just a transformation.” It was that transformation that led her to her first show three years ago and her personal growth and bravery that put her pieces into multiple stores across Toronto, a store in Montreal and a traveling boutique in the States. “At the end of the day, I make all the pieces for myself. Not just so I can wear them, but because it’s something I needed to do and it took a lot of bravery in me to make it. I think anyone who is brave can wear my jewelry; you just have to be able to see yourself in it. A lot of guys actually ask me if I do menswear but any guy could wear any of my pieces, he’s just got to be brave.”

Just last week, Asia made the brave leap to Dominica. After she finished her degree last year, she was unsure of what was next in the cards for her, “my jewelry was there, but I didn’t think that that was all that was there for me,” which is why she decided to work with the non-profit agency, Cuso International for six months where she will help build capacity for economic and social development through youth entrepreneurship. “I want to feel free to just roam the earth and take any opportunity that comes my way. I don’t know what the future holds and that’s why I don’t promise I’ll make jewelry forever. Right now, it’s my favourite thing to do but I’d love to specialize in community and working arts. It feels better to give back to my community.”

We’re wishing the best of luck to Asia on her new ventures and can’t wait to see what she’ll bring us in the future.


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