While the city is full of stylish men, one particular influencer on the rise is the focus of our latest Style Spotlight.

Allow us to introduce you to Jose Lopez.

For over 12 years, Jose has trained the city’s top executives and their families. In his spare time, he acts as the photographer of his wife’s style blog, JodiBlk.com. And while it’s undeniable that his wife Jodi has a style that inspires, his own form has caught the eye of the city, catapulting him into success in recent years. Alongside a successful career in fitness (his Instagram videos are enough to inspire a total overhaul of your gym routine), Jose has been tapped to work with brands like Vector, Topman & TopShop, Axe Canada, and more.

We caught up with Jose to find out how he defines his style and what he loves about Toronto. Read our interview below.

jose lopez

Tell us about you and what you do!
I’ve been a personal trainer for over 12 years to many of the city’s top execs and their families. I’m also the photographer for my wife’s style blog, JodiBlk.com.

Define your style in three words.
Basics, denim & Nikes

If you could implement one change in Toronto, what would it be?
This city is amazing but I think we could take a cue from different European cities which have more paid time off. We all work really hard here and we need more time to connect with our friends and family, and forget about the hustle and bustle, every now and then.

jose lopez

List the top five things about your city that you love!

The Food. It’s hard being a trainer with a fairly strict diet in this city. I make sure to indulge on the weekends.

The Blue Jays.

Music Festivals. We have so many great bands and DJs who come into the city to perform.

Coffee Shops. I’m not okay without coffee. It’s just a fact.

The People. It’s such a melting pot and it brings a great energy and vibe to the city.

To keep up with Jose, follow @joselopez_fit on Instagram or visit his website, JoseLopezFit.com

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