Paige Morgan might sound like your typical twenty-something year old girl; she has a part-time job at a restaurant, she loves following fashion bloggers like Sincerely Jules and Olivia Palermo and enjoys nothing more than hanging out with her family and friends. The only thing that separates her from most twenty-something year olds is that she’s been singing since she was 13 and was just recently signed to 604 Records, the same label that represents Carly Rae Jepson, Nick Carter, Marianas Trench and more.

We got to chat with the 21-year-old pop starlet from Vancouver and learn a little bit about what it’s like to be signed, her new single, ‘Never Change’ and her personal fashion style. Check out the interview below.


SD: What’s the most exciting thing about being signed to 604 records?

Paige Morgan: Getting signed in itself was pretty exciting! I didn’t go to school after high school, so [the whole experience] has been a lot like school.  I’ve been learning a lot a lot about the industry and meeting tons of amazing people.

SD: Would you say you’ve learned a lot about yourself?

Paige Morgan: Yeah, for sure! I was introduced to song writing when I was brought to the label, so I’ve been growing that way. My [musical] style has changed as an artist too. I started off with R&B, kind of jazzy. Just me and a piano and since then I’ve evolved into pop.

SD: How would you describe your personal style?

Paige Morgan: I have to be comfortable in whatever I wear. Casual but still chic and professional. It’s funny because since I work in a restaurant, I have to wear black everyday and that’s why I really like getting dressed and going to the studio. Usually people go in sweats, but I love getting dressed up, it’s like putting on a role.

SD: Are there any trends you love right now?

Paige Morgan: I love the plaid shirt around the waist look.

SD: Your debut single is called ‘Never Change’, but are their any fashion choices from your past that you would change?

Paige Morgan: There are lots! My style changes all the time, I think everyone’s does. You get really obsessed with a trend, look back on it and think, ‘why did I ever do that? It’s so ugly!’

SD: What was it like making the video for ‘Never Change’ and what was the process for styling it?

Paige Morgan: I’d never done a video in my life, so I had no idea what to expect, but it was so much fun! [For the video] The director had a vision of what he wanted the music video to look like, so my stylist and I made up a whole bunch of style boards. She just pulled a bunch of clothes and there were just racks and racks and racks to choose from. My favorite piece was the leather jacket in the black and white scene, which I’m still trying to convince my stylist to give me!

Check out Paige’s debut video for ‘Never Change’ below!

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