#StyleAtHome with Alex Des Roches of adidas Originals Montreal

When it comes to fashion, there are brand enthusiasts and then there are brand loyalists. Alex Des Roches falls into the latter category with his love for the brand with three stripes, also known as adidas.

When it comes to fashion, there are brand enthusiasts and then there are brand loyalists. Alex Des Roches falls into the latter category with his love for the brand with three stripes, also known as adidas. His Instagram feed features nothing but adidas, and the moment that you walk into Alex’s home, you begin to understand his loyalty for his favourite brand through his closet, sneaker room, and home decor.

Alex is the store manager of the adidas Originals store in downtown Montreal on Sainte-Catherine, one of the three adidas Neighbourhood Concept stores in Canada. He is also one of the founding members of The Sneaker Podcast, a weekly podcast focusing on Canadian sneaker culture, and a contributing writer for The Brag Affair, a Canadian sneaker and lifestyle blog.

We caught up with Alex and spoke to him about his love for the adidas brand:

Tell us about what you do

I currently run Montreal’s adidas Originals store located in the heart of the city. I have been with the company for seven years now, and I have been wearing/collecting/hoarding adidas sneakers for more than ten years! Back in high school, I started messing around with breakdancing and discovered the hip hop culture, which eventually led me to fashion and sneakers.

What is your first memory of the adidas brand?

I remember being 13 years old, going to practice with the other guys that would dance in my hometown, and I wanted the Superstars so bad, but didn’t really care about brands and expensive products. I asked my mother to buy me a pair of knock off shell toes, with four stripes.

Why do you solely focus on adidas and not any other brands?

Although I do not wear any other brands, I do recognize good designs and great partnerships. I appreciate everything, and make my opinions and ideas based on the esthetic final results, not the brand. Quality, color blocking and storytelling are my favourite aspects of the development of sneakers. I found myself falling in love (officially) for adidas specifically and not caring about anything else back in 2010 when I was hired in an adidas outlet store. Access to product was easier, therefore it encouraged me to only wear and represent the stripes. Since tracksuits and sneakers were my uniform at work and on the dance floor, I found pride wearing the three stripes from head-to-toe and learning about its culture and heritage.

adidas has an amazing catalogue of sneaker designs, what is your favourite model?

The ZX range has always been one of my favourite, it was a visionary move, in my opinion, to design a full range of running shoes that would fit specific runner’s needs. The design and engineering that worked on the ZX line are two really big inspiration for me in terms of innovation. I also am a huge fan of the Torsion System technology, for its functionality as well as for its aesthetic. The original ZX 8000 in the ‘Aqua’ colourway is definitely an all time favourite for me. Since 2013, I researched and started collecting the EQT sneakers, which are no longer a stranger to the sneaker culture of 2017. The EQT range is another extremely intelligent approach to sportswear that eventually became a street staple.

Throughout the years, adidas has collaborated with different brands and creative individuals. Which one is your favourite collection?

Couple of years back, adidas Originals worked with Kazuki Kuraishi from Japan. Such an amazing creator! I regret not getting any of the apparel that he worked on from any of his seasons with the brand. I was not on that fashion level yet I guess. His ZXZ were my personal favourite!

List the top five things about adidas that you love!

  1. The presence of the brand on social media and in communities worldwide.
  2. Rich heritage of product innovation, performance, quality and design.
  3. The trefoil logo.
  4. Promoters of diversity.
  5. The desire for constant innovation and risk taking.

All images by Christopher Chiu (@christopher.chiu)

Keep up with Alex Des Roches by following him on Instagram — @sugycyphersons

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