A couple of weeks ago the StyleDemocracy team had the opportunity to catch up with Ben Schubert, Director of Ben & Boule Trading company. If you’ve never heard of Ben & Boule Trading, that’s okay. While you may not of heard of the company, we’re sure that you would of heard of some of their brands. See, Ben Schubert from Ben & Boule trading represents some of the hottest brands in the world including: Publish Brand, Daniel Wellington, Vitaly Design, Soulland and many more.

The energetic and passionate Mr. Schubert is an expert at sales, and loves what he does “I love seeing what’s new, and building brands. We try to only work with brands that have a solid organic following, brands that we are able to help grow through sales, but know their core message.” Although Ben & Boule Trading is a sales agency, the work that Ben does to sell the brand’s image and nurture the brand to success is something that not all agents do.  Although we only had a short time to talk to Ben at his Toronto showroom, just watching him weave in and out of buyers, telling each brand’s story and selling their vision is one of the reasons we get excited to work in the fashion industry.


Ben Schubert Q+A : 

SD: Tell us a bit about yourself. What should our readers know about you?
BS: If i weren’t in the office I would be playing golf or hanging out on a sunny terrace somewhere in the world.

SD: Define your style. Does being a sales agent change how you dress?
BS:  I wear black and white. I take my outfits to the limit within that range but its all black and white.

SD: Who are some of your favourite designers or retailers?
BS :
 SSense, Uncle Otis, Dover Street Market

SD: What are some of your favourite brands that our readers should know about?
 Publish, Soulland, Filling Pieces

SD: What are 3 things you could never live with out?
 My Dogs, My Family, My Friends. Trips to the beach don’t hurt either.

SD: What do you love about doing what you do?
 I have to say I love the Traveling.

SD: Finish this sentence: I love my industry because…
Of the like minded people i get to work with on a day to day basis.

SD: How can our readers stay in the loop on what you’re doing?
 Remember to follow us on Instagram: BENANDBOULETRADING 

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