Welcome to our very first STYLEPROFILE post. In the upcoming weeks TEAM SD will be talking to inspiring industry leaders who have great style. Get to know the people in our Industry that are making a difference.  First up, is none other then the lovely Vedika Solecki of Sheek PR.


“Just do it. PR is a tough industry to break into. Do it all – be an intern and try different realms of PR. When you’re trying to get into the [PR Industry] , take on as much as you can take on, ask questions, and explore the industry.”  – Vedika Solecki 

SD: Tell us a bit about yourself. What should our readers know about you?

VS: If they don’t already know, they should know I have been in this industry for a very long time. I love fashion, I love PR, and I love the industry I work in. At a young a age I think I really found my niche and it’s only going to go up from here. Hard work always pays off.

SD: Define your style. How would you describe your wardrobe?

VS: I am not a one trend kind of person – I love mix and matching items. You will always find over a dozen jeans in my closet. Love simple, yet different. I like to keep it very easy and comfortable, yet fashionable and chic. My wardrobe also consists of a lot pieces I generally find on my travels and can mix with everything else I own.

SD: Who are some of your favourite designers or retailers?

VS: This is always a hard one since I love so many, but to start I would have to say I love shopping at GotStyle – I think they’re a great retailer and they’re local! Some of my my favourite designers consist of Alexander Wang, Helmut Lang, and I have to say, I am a big fan of Tom Ford

SD: What are some of your favourite brands that our readers should know about?

VS:  I love my J BRAND Ready-to-Wear, big fan of Rag & Bone, and also a brand everyone needs to know about that I am totally in love with is Ashish from the UK.

SD: What is the best thing you’ve ever bought on sale? Where?

VS: I lucked out once – and I never really do! – at Intermix. I had my eye on these stunning Jimmy Choo‘s and one day I spotted them walking through the store. It was their last pair, half off, and in my size! That was a good day! 

SD: What are 3 things you could never live with out?

VS: My cellphone, my laptop, and chocolate, but if I had a fourth thing… a really good lip gloss!

IMG_1141 SD: How long have you been doing what you do?

VS: I started very young – I had my first internship at 18 and then at 19 I just started doing freelance I was in school and now here I am 5 years later…

SD: What is the most challenging thing about what you do?

VS: Sometimes finding a balance. I think at times it’s almost hard to find that balance, because our work is also our social life. We are at so many events that sometimes you don’t leave time for the things that really matter.

SD: Finish this sentence: I love Canada because…

VS: It’s a country that gave me the chance to make my dreams reality.

SD: How can our readers stay in the loop on what you’re doing? 

VS: You can find us on Twitter at @sheekPR and on Instagram at @sheekPR. You’ll also soon be able to find us soon on the web as we will be launching our brand new site soon.


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