Due to the fact that our office is 70% male, we are always looking for the best places to get a suit in our city. With custom options like MADE, and off the rack options like Tiger of Sweden do we need another suit store? SuitSupply seems to think so. The Dutch men’s suit retailer will open its first Canadian store location at 9-11 Hazelton Avenue in Toronto. According to our friends at Retail-Insider, the store is expected to be open in January 2014.

If you’ve never heard of SuitSupply, get ready we’ve checked some out through our international travels, and the store is straight up slick! SuitSupply is a vertically integrate men’s suit retailer that started in Amsterdam in earl 2000. It has been voted the #1 Men’s Suit Retailer by the Wall Street Journal and the prices are on point! Prices start at just $400 and the quality and style are both there!

The new Location will be across the Street from Hazelton Lanes and we cant’ wait to check it out!

Source: Retail-Insider


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